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4 June 2020

How Make AAF Violate Work Properly

It is recommended if your save game are free from any mod especially involve animation and script. I'm running AAF and the rest of the animation pack with fresh start except for unofficial patch and vortex as a mod runner.

First, let's prepare some tools shown below.

1. Install F4SE
2. Look Menu (AAF need this)
3. MCM
4. AAF Beta (the core of all animation mod)
5. AAF VanillaKinkyCreatureAnimations Themes

Once the above subject ready, let's continue with the rest. Just follow the step blow.

1. AnimationByLeito v2.0 (install this first or without this the rest will broken)
2. AnimationByLeitoAlternateFemaleVoice (replace voice) & FO4 Leito Voicefix 1.1(optional for F  to F action voice but recommend)
3. Four Play Animation Bt Crazy 1.3
4. Release 50Shades v1.05
5. Release 50Shades FluidPatch (for no.5 only)
6. Release BadEnd
7. Release Creature Pack
8. Release NSFW soundpack (optional but recommend for all 'release' animation above)
9. SavageCabbageAnimation v1.2
10.  Vadermia
11. SxxAttributes2.4.3 (optional)
12. SxxAttributesHUD (for no 10 only)
13. SxxHarassment 1.6.2
14. AAF violate (optional 'surrender and bang')

Why I put AAF Violate at the very end, to make sure it works properly with the other animation. From no.1 to no.10 are very important to AAF Violate to run from single to gangbang, that include creature, mutant and ghoul.

The last thing to do is :

15. Install AAF The One Patch to Bang Them All (important to put this at the very last and every time you install new animation this one MUST reinstall first)

For some reason, AAF Violate failed to proceed to the next step cause by missing necessary animation, for example, Female to Female animation (AAF didn't provide any of this, correct me if I mistake). The upper left screen will show an error message if you encounter any related problem. I hope my guide can help you.